Maximizing Your Small Space

Maximizing Your Small Space

When you live in one of the bigger cities like London or Birmingham space can be at a premium and the trade-off for living there is a smaller flat or house.  Just because your space is small doesn’t mean you can’t make the most of it.  Maximizing your small space so it doesn’t look crowded or cluttered isn’t as hard as you might think.  One of the secrets to making your small space look roomier is by using fitted furniture.  Let us show you how you can make it work for you.

Create Defined Spaces

One thing about smaller spaces is they tend to be open concept and there are no defined areas.  The kitchen, front room and dining area are all one big room.  Fitted furniture allows you to define each area as you need it.

No Wasted Space

Space is at a premium and the last thing you want to do is waste any of it.  Every inch needs to be considered so things are arranged properly and your space doesn’t end up getting cluttered.  Fitted furniture can help you to manage small spaces without wasting any valuable space.  Free standing furniture comes in a variety of shapes and sizes and that doesn’t necessarily work with your flat. Fitted furniture is often custom made and fits perfectly with your space.

More Than One Purpose

Most fitted furniture serves more than one purpose, for instance you may have storage space under your bed or the sofa.  Tables also hide storage space underneath since space is hard to come by.  Built in shelves can augment weird architectural features like sloping ceilings or indents in the wall space.  The furniture isn’t just there to be decorative but they also serve a purpose.  Here is a look at furniture that serves more than one purpose.

Your Own Design

Custom made fitted furniture allows you to get creative and establish your own style.  You can still use decorative accent pieces to add splashes of colour throughout your home.  Fitted furniture makes your home look warm and cosy because everything fits in your space the way it is supposed to.  You can create something that is uniquely your own while looking absolutely amazing at the same time.  Small spaces aren’t the death knell to good interior design, in fact it is the opportunity to create some inspiring results.

Fitted Furniture for Space in the Bathroom

Fitted Furniture for Space in the Bathroom

The bathroom is inevitably the smallest room in your home which is kind of ironic since it is one of the most used rooms in any house.  The bathroom is more than just where we bathe and do our business, most people get ready for work in the bathroom.  We have more towels and grooming products than ever before and we need a place to put everything.  Most bathrooms have little to no storage with the exception of maybe a medicine cabinet or perhaps what’s available under the sink.  That is where fitted furniture comes in and helps you to create more space.

Wall Units

Built in wall units are the ideal choice to give you more space to organize and put everything away in the bathroom.  If you want to keep things neat and tidy you can attach wall units in a variety of shapes and sizes.  They are available in a bunch of different styles to suit the décor of your bathroom, whether you want dark woods or something lighter to make the room look more spacious.  Fitted furniture for the bathroom is pretty inexpensive and it won’t put too big a dent in your budget.

Easy Install

If you’re handy with a drill and screwdriver you can easily install fitted bathroom furniture yourself.  You just need to make sure you have everything in the right position before you start attaching things to the wall.  Most fitted furniture is built ready to install you don’t have to cut anything, but if you are putting in a vanity then you may have to accommodate the pipes under the sink.  Be very careful making cuts or you could end up destroying your fitted furniture if you are not comfortable doing it yourself then a local home improvement store should be able to recommend someone that can do it for you.

Hire a Plumber

If need be you may want to call in a plumber to install your vanity.  Water can damage newly installed furniture in minutes if you don’t know what you’re doing.  If part of installing your fitted furniture involves toilets or sinks then you can bring in a plumber to take care of the issue for you.  Make sure any professional that you hire is high quality and knows exactly what they are doing.  The last thing you want is to destroy your bathroom while in the process of trying to make it better.